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Anne Lang has been manager of Fitness on the Park since 1997. Prior to 1997 the organisation was named Institute for Fitness Research and Training and was led by Tony Sedgwick as a research centre for exercise and fitness. Anne worked as the office and training manager, and as a class Instructor, for 25 years, prior to taking over the business of helping to keep mature South Australians fit and healthy. In 1997 the building on MacKinnon Parade was remodelled to incorporate a full gym with a team of dedicated trainers and health professionals. Anne continues to train exercise groups, both indoors and outdoors, and very much encourages the social side of Fitness on the Park. This has led to the Countryside Walks, which commenced in 2000, becoming an integral part of the organisation and has progressed to include walking holidays each year, within Australia and overseas.

Office Manager/Instructor

Catherine Doyle has been working at Fitness on the Park since 1996. Catherine works in conjunction with resident GP, Dr Patricia Bishop, running the 10 week Healthy Weight Loss program, where she sees clients for weekly consultations to review their diet and exercise.

Catherine’s other roles include the health and fitness screening of potential new members and conducting fitness assessments. She is a class instructor for groups of men and women over 50, and also produces a quarterly newsletter for members with the latest health and fitness information.

She says, “It is so rewarding working with the motivated and friendly members at Fitness on the Park. It is great to see our over 50’s (and even our over 80’s) enjoying the many benefits of exercise, both physical and social, and how maintaining physical strength and endurance adds greatly to the quality of life. I have particularly enjoyed the many years of working with Healthy Weight Loss clients and watching them, not only lose weight, but greatly improve their fitness, eating habits and self esteem.”



Trevor has been instructing his 7am, Tuesday and Friday classes since 1975 when we were the Institute for Fitness, Research and Training. There are still 2 of the original group attending and many who have been attending for up to 30+ years – such an amazing achievement!
After so many years and so many friendships formed Trevor says it’s the camaraderie and the fun they have during the class that has kept this group together. The regular social occasions such as breakfasts, lunches and wine tastings have also been great fun and add another dimension to the group. Trevor has observed many changes over the last 40 or so years. When Trevor included a fitness course as part of his Advanced Diploma of Teaching (PE) the fitness industry didn’t really exist, making these classes unique. Back then the classes consisted of 30 minutes of callisthenics and 30 minutes of run-walk, progressing to 30 minutes of continuous running. Trevor notes, “the emphasis these days has shifted, with more importance of building core strength and we acknowledge the benefits of weight training for the older population.” Trevor has an impressive sporting history having represented the state in hockey in the under 12’s, 16’s and 21’s and as a senior for 11 years. He also represented Australia in 1974 and has won numerous awards along the way. In addition he was the state coach for 6 years and club coach for 17 years.
Trevor is now working an evening shift in addition to his morning classes, and is proving to be very popular with gym members. We hope to have Trevor around for many more years!

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